Czech real estate market is growing

During last four monthes we registered an essencial decrease of a czech real estate market. Mostly we focused on residental real estate prices in regions including Prague market. Crisis has brought a lot of unsolved problems to market leaders.

In our annual real estate market report we provided rather smart descriptions of market trends in 2009. Report has covered property market and contains very precised statistics. Our report has a great value because of analyzing not only market data but also economic indicators.

Our client have an ability to read data about morgage sector in Czech republic. We regularly monitor bank offers and analyze ablities for refinancing morgages in czech banks. Therefore we get useful and accurate data for real estate and mortgage market forecasting.

Recently we launched english version of our website. Feel free to contact our representatives to get further information about procedures of acquainting real estate properties in all over Czech republic. We're convinced we meet well all your expectations.

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